THREE ways you can help Rohingya people

let’s have a better understanding of the Rohingya situation.

Rohingya people (formally known as Arakanese Indians) are a stateless Indo-Aryan people from Rakhine State, Myanmar. There are estimated 1.3 million Rohingyas residing in Myanmar. As of 2016 Rohingya account for 7% Myanmar population.

Rohingya crisis began with the 1982 citizenship law of Myanmar which prohibits Rohingyas from being citizens. This has made the whole Rohingya population stateless and prone to persecution. They have been denied basic human rights. They have no access to health care, education and they are even not allowed to move freely and withheld from the right of marriage without a special approval from the state.

Why? Why Rohingyas are discriminated?

According to various reports; there are mainly three reasons behind the persecution of the Rohingyas.

One: Rohingyas supported the British colonization of Myanmar which lasted from 1824 to 1948.
Two: Religious tension between Buddhists and Muslims.
Three: State declaring Rohingyas as illegal immigrants.

Recent violence has displaced an additional 150K Rohingyas and is described as ethnic cleansing carried out by the state. This massacre has caught international attention mostly due to the fast spread of photos and videos on social media. Multiple NGOs and independent news reports confirm Myanmar state rejecting humanitarian aid to Rohingyas. WE ARE ROHINGYA

Rohingyas have been subjected to systematic persecution and grave human rights abuses by authorities for decades. Despite the election of the democratic government in 2015 Rohingya situation hasn’t been improved and is worsening. Reports speculate Buddhists carrying out mass murder and committing abominations with Rohingyas recently.

While the majority of the international community is silent about the situation of Rohingya, slowly the situation has been acknowledged by few major countries such as Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, and others and is supplying with aid and helping Bangladesh authorities to accept more Rohingyas.

Here is how you can help

As fellow Muslims and humans it is our responsibility to help those in need. Right now; Rohingyas need our help and here are some of the ways you can contribute to making a difference.

1. Donate to Partners NGO

Since 2012, Partners has been providing emergency relief to those in camps in Rakhine State as well as those fleeing violence to Bangladesh, including rice distribution, basic medical support, tarps for shelter as well as animals, seeds, and fertilizer to help establish more sustainable food supply.

I have created a fundraiser with Partners NGO to help Rohingyas. You can donate any amount via Credit/Debit Card or through PayPal.

You can also make a monthly recurring transaction until the funding goal is reached.

All the money raised with this fundraiser is managed by Partners NGO and will only be used to help Rohingyas.


Click here for more information about Partners involvement.

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2. Donate from your mobile balance

Two mobile operators in the Maldive s has stepped up to fundraise for Rohingya people. Here are the instructions to donate from your mobile balance.

Note: This method is available only for Prepaid mobile customers from both networks.

Dhiraagu customers: Dial *789# & select an option
Ooredoo customers: Dial *424# & select an option

You can choose one of four options;
Option 1: Donate MVR5
Option 2: Donate MVR50
Option 3: Donate MVR100
Option 4: Donate MVR200

3. Donate to Rajje TVs “Maldives with Rohingya” fund

You can donate to Rajje TV’s “Maldives with Rohingya” fund by visiting one of their fund box locations or by purchasing Maldives with Rohingya merchandise (T- Shirts) or by directly crediting Rajje TVs BML account number dedicated for Rohingya fund.

Currently, “Maldives with Rohingya” fund boxes are available at;
– Ferry Terminal, Hulhumale’

Visit Rajje TV’s live blog for more information about “Maldives with Rohingya” fund

Or, Spread the news

I understand not everybody is able to donate. However, you can spread the news about these campaigns and eventually have somebody donate.

Share this post on your social media accounts to let others know how they can contribute to providing Rohingya people with humanitarian aid right from where they are and make a positive impact on the world.

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