Foniasophobia – The fear of being murdered

Foniasophobia is the fear of murderers, it is usually triggered hearing the news of a person being murdered. To what extent do we (Maldivian Society, especially people residing in the capital city) have this fear?

Although the data (Official Murder Statistics) is not publicly available from Maldives Police Service, thanks to documenting all the murders in the country, and various open source articles and news reports it is safe to say Foniasophobia is very much among Maldivian people.

During 2017 alone 5 murders were reported. 3 of these murders took place in public places in-front of onlookers. The Murder of Nadheem who was stabbed in the head while he was at a local cafe’, Murder of Anas who were stabbed brutally in the chest and neck by a group of people in a fairly occupied motorbike service center and most recently the murder of Moosa Ahmed who was stabbed on the street near a busy textile shop. These public murders have generated the fear of murderers among many people, especially those residing in the capital city.

The good news is, suspects of these murders are mostly caught and held in controlled environments. However, for some reason violence and murder continues to grow.

In 2017 as of today, 576 reports of assault are recorded at Maldives Police Service. Which is not astronomically high, but it is more than 2 assaults a day to an average

Perhaps, our general population is overgrown passed the point of sympathy and care for one another, or is this lifestyle we are forced live has made our hears cold?. Researchers suggest that people living in overcrowded places are more likely affected by psychological frustrations and are more likely to be inhumane. Take for example the brutal murders that take place almost every day in India, China and other overpopulated countries and states. So, yes. Overcrowded Male’ city is a factor leading to such murders.

It is important our Justice System end to end ensures the well-being of the citizens and go the extra mile to restore the widespread fear of murderers among our people. Our courts and police must ensure no criminal is free to repeat the crime they are suspected and all criminals are punished accordingly.

As an individual, there are two ways you can deal with this situation. First and the easiest is to ignore and move on with your busy life. The second and the one which requires some nerve is taking a step against such actions. Not necessarily becoming a vigilante and start rescuing people from murderers. But making your family and friends aware and prepare for an assault. By teaching your kids how to use the internet responsibly, by making yourself control the digital life your family is exposed to, by teaching your loved ones how and when to warn authorities when in danger.

Maldives Police Service and Maldives National Defence Force are sworn to defend this country and its people against any and every threat. More importantly, Maldives Police Service is driven by the statement of “protect and serve”. Hence, know there are people backing you when you need.

At least, that is what I expect from people who are sworn to protect us and how I believe it should be.


Information for this article was obtained from Open Source Materials, Various News Reports and from:
– Maldives Police Website

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