The Party System does more harm then good?

The question every young and old individual have in mind today is whether we need a party system, or more specifically a multi-party electoral system to elect the president, members of the parliament and local council members. People have witnessed the good and the bad that came with the introduction of the system and people are for sure, not impressed.

I for sure do not endorse any political party and am totally against the system. Not only because the system naturally creates chaos but because it prioritizes collectivism over individualism. The result is, one portion of the population having an advantage with the system while the rest are not equally treated. Basically, it suppresses individual rights to ensure group (party) rights. Which is totally against the principle of democracy which is ideally to prioritize individual rights equally among the population despite anyone’s social class, wealth or appearance. This system is clearly favoring some group of people, therefore the reason to be against it.

Maldives is a country of fewer than 400,000 people, yet the country is economically ill and the political environment is never stable. Do we still need more sacts (divisions)? Don’t we need to stay together and solve our differences together?

Before the introduction of Multi-Party System, many speculated the root cause of the slow growth of the nation was due to the long presidential dynasty of Hon. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who held the office of the president for 30 consecutive years. In 2008 the first democratically elected president Mr. Mohamed Nasheed was in control. During his short tenor, the reformation of the country began. First with the renewal of the legislation which opened better opportunities for growth. For the first time, Maldivian people started seen developmental changes, however, his time in office was cut short with a coup that forced him to resign. The coup was led by the opposing party, again prioritizing collectivism over individual rights.

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The basic idea of groups/ party is not wrong unless the principal objectives of the groups are to prioritize collectivism over individualism. A group/ party working to ensure their members are equally treated by the state and authorities as other individuals (non-members) or groups are what is expected from a political party membership. As the old saying goes ” together we are strong” forming a group or a political party to protect and ensure the members are fairly treated is the fundament of the democracy. Not just to provide the group/party itself and leaving the rest to suffer.

Every corner of the country we look at today; there is nothing but the complaint of the individuals whose rights are suppressed by the collectivist ideology of today’s political parties and its leaders. Terminations from employment on speculation of involvement with a certain individual or a group, unfair treatment by the authorities or corporations for not being a part of a certain group/ party or for expressing his or her views freely that conspires the suppression of their rights. Is this not what we wake up to every day? Yet, we are independent?

Now back to the question; do we need a party system?

Yes. In this day and age, we do!. But not as it is.

The legislators must ensure the primary purpose of the party(s) formed with authority of “political parties” are not suppressing individual rights of any citizen under any circumstance even when the individual is not a member of the party. Individual rights must not be suppressed by group rights.

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You may be thinking, how in the world can a political party ensure the whole populations’ rights? Good Question!. The answer is; just by not prioritizing party/ leaders of the party’s rights over any other individual or member. Just by not doing what is not ethical.

The authorities must also ensure the legitimacy of lawmakers and the capacity of their understanding of law and economics. Ideally, you cant have a medical doctor to teach mathematics (unless they are sound in both fields), the same goes to lawmakers or in specific to Maldives, the Members of the Parliment. They must not be just any Maldivian who is the age of 18+, there must be educational and professional qualifying criteria to ensure the elected persons capacity to do to good for the country.

There is no Red, Yellow, Pink or Green Maldives, there is only Republic of Maldives. And we are one large party of not one color but 3 colors of our mightly flag we so proudly wave.

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The important change with the renewed legislation is the formation of 3 distinct government bodies or branches. They are the Parliment (People’s Majlis), the Judiciary (justice system) and the President. With the collectivist function of policial party system to elect members of the parliament and the President, both the bodies (President and the Parliment) are probable to work in favor of the collectivist ideology of their member party and have a higher probability of controlling/influencing the third body the Justice System. Which is what many speculate what is wrong with our government today.

The ideal solution today is not just rejecting the system, but to improve the system, and the only logical way of improving the system is by not having political parties control the individuals, but by having individuals control the interests parties they are a member of.

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Only individual members are to be allowed to participate in elections. This way the elected individual will not have to comply to party’s ideology if they find their role to serve the people are suppressed by the party or if a portion of the population is mistreated with the party’s collectivist thinking.

Parliment members vowed to provide for the population equally, with party thinking (collectivist ideology) the chances of serving equally to the whole population (especially to the individual members of opposing party) is slim to none.

In a perfect democracy, there is no “opposing” party as we mean it. In a perfect democracy, the groups (parties) work all together to ensure individual rights are equally provided for all population.

I firmly believe the economic and social chaos in the Maldives is solely existing because of our current practice of party system, and the government and other authorities must ensure a socially safe economically sound community to its people by making sure the party interests are not oppressing individual rights.

What do you think? Comment your view on this topic.

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Information for this article is obtained from various open source materials and news reports. Other sources are;
– Maldives Constitution
– Rules of Peoples Majlis Election from Elections Commission website

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