My view on the recent spike in “textbook talk” Sex Education

The academic year of 2018 started with lots of controversies around, especially from the government’s decision of digitalizing the education system by equipping students with phablets rather than having them carry heavy textbooks to school every day.

Nonetheless, so far the mainstream attention is derived from textbooks, mostly from controversial “sex education” chapters from some of the textbooks from different schools. Multiple social media posts from curious parents are tending and grabbing attention as they express their views on the inclusion of such topics to textbooks, especially in mixed classes.

Here is my view on the topic and how I suggest the situation to be handled.

As much as odd this might sound, I stand with the textbooks. But let me clear out and read why I support it (the most of it). Although, I believe the articles on the textbooks are ill-phrased and must be revised.

I believe sex education must be taught from the beginning of every child’s education proportionally, sex education should not be something that must be left out from the education system and something that a child themselves discover. By leaving the topic entirely from the early education life the child grows up into a world of unknown, vulnerable to anyone who seeks to approach them with a bad intention in mind. Sexually!.

For this reason and more, every child must be educated in sex education and must have basic information about the changes in their body as they grow up. There is strong debate uprising that women who cover their body with Hijab are with the mentality that their body is a sexual tool, although as much as I do not agree to this statement, such ideologies are driven by the fact that most grownup children are unaware of sex education from the early stage of their life from a proper source such a from a classroom by a trained teacher.

It is a common belief that sex is bad subject to talk about. For this reason, often parents and teachers skip the topic. However, it is not too late to start treating the topic as a regular topic and make sure our children grow up in a sexually safe environment.


Apologies if anyone is offended. I am not a professional on this subject. This is just my view on the topic, hence your comments and suggestion are appreciated.



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