Creative Block is real, I did not believe it then, now I do.

If you are in to doing any sort of activity that requires you to think outside the box, and is always motivated to do better then the last time then my fellow creative individual, there will be times you must be frustrated, not because you cannot do what you do well but because you are tired of relentlessly employing your brain to do better but for some reason you don’t seem to do as well as you, yes you yourself expects.

This is when you are experience a Creative Block, in simple words when you’re Out Of Ideas.

Creative block is something every creative individual does through often mutiple times during their career. Whether it is videography, photography, writting, singing, you name it.

Creative block can be turned in to your advantage if you are ready to accept it. Here is the reason why I haven’t been posting much, infact not posting at all for a significant time.

Before you may ask, I don’t blame my absence on creativity or anything else, I just want you the fellow reader to understand, and hopefully someday realise you are having a creative block and know how to deal with it.

Take a break from the usual

There is no denying a good break from the ordinary life can be refreshing both for the body and the mind.

Here is why you could shake off the block by taking a break.

Boost from Vacation

Not only a vacation relaxes your body but often times gives you the opportunity to see and experience the world from other perspectives that could contribute to your cretive mind and break the Creative Block.

This could be one reason why businessman often travel to Bangkok, Thailand for short stays ? IDK

Get in to the uncomfortable zone.

May be keep paying in the comfort zone ensures your superiority in the small sector that you already play in.

However, going out of the box and swimming in uncharted waters prepares yourself for any challenge that you may face, including creative block.

Do what you wouldn’t do otherwise;

Try not to compare yourself

The worst thing you can do to yourself is comparing your works with others of same profession. While it is logical to look in to others work for inspiration, and also for keeping up with the latest and best trend that is where the line of looking in to others work end. The moment you try comparing yourself with others is when you decide to fight a war that is fought in your mind where both openents are yourself. No matter the outcome the losses are beared by yourself, often in terms of depression, demotivation, and lack of confidence without actually realising your full potential.

What should you do if you’re already feeling the backlash of war?

In simple words, take a peaceful walk around the field. Scout what’s going on in the field.

Yes, when you take a moment to think about something with the mindset of actually making it better, the magic happens. The power of intuition helps you release and resolve all your problems.

When you talk a peaceful walk around the field, you can;

Identify the actual potential of the market, the potent of big players, how you have an edge, your strengths, your weaknesses, and most of all it will help you find your true self.

Now all that remains is getting back to doing what you were doing with a refreshed motivation and engergy to tear the world apart.

Seminars/ gatherings and collaborations

Only a fool would decline an opportunity to meet and spend time with like-minded people. This may sound a little uncomfortable ton introverts, but when you do the magic happens.

Not only you get ideas and valuable information from others but most importantly working with others will help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities you have.

This is why professionals find time in their busy schedule to gather up and share a good cuppa coffee with fellow professionals. You may think they are just enjoying caffeine, but their mind is busy running SWOT analysis on the fellow person, often unintentional to yourself.

So nex time, don’t miss that BBQ or gathering by the name of completing an unfinished project that is falling behind the timeline.

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