The iconic Tuk Tuks of Srilanka modernized.

Travelling abroad costs a lot. People often save for years to afford a vacation in their favorite destination. However, often people unknowingly end up paying a lot more for services that actually does not cost that much. For people who are spending their hard earned money, this is something to be cautious about.

Here is an app that will surely help you save and be save on the road.

One of the biggest concerns of everyone traveling to Sri-Lanka is the cost of transportation. Fortunately, I have few ways you can avoid spending too much on transportation.

1. PickMe (Android / iOS)


PickMe is an online taxi booking service much like the well known Uber service.

Unlike the Uber service in Sri-Lanka PickMe allows booking of “Tuk Tuk”, the iconic Autorickshaws dominating the streets of Sri-Lanka.

These Tuk Tuk are considerably cheap in comparison with Taxi cars hence it is a popular method of transportation for locals and tourists.

However, Tuk Tuk drivers have a reputation for asking a premium from tourists well over the regular rates. Often times they find a way through the Taxi Meter to fraud the customer. Moreover, there are multiple reports of Tuk Tuk drivers attempting to rob their customers.


This is where PickMe and most of other such services shine. PickMe allows the customer to pre-book the Tuk Tuk and have it come to your location. Most importantly the service is equipped with online payment processing with credit/debit card eliminating any risk involved with paying in cash.

Tuk Tuks offering PickMe service are clean and maintained well compared to other Autos on the street. I’m not sure but I suspect PickMe requires a certain standard to be followed by their drivers.

Most importantly, the rates of PickMe transport are considerably low and allows you to select the destination at the time of booking the service and have the an estimated cost presented to you. When compared, a trip with costing 1000lkr with Tuk Tuks on the street can generally be booked for 250-500lkr with PickMe. Hence, giving you a strong edge on transportation costs.

So here is a summary of Pros of PickMe.

  • Readily Available
  • Cash payments not required
  • Driver & Vehicle information available (In case needed)
  • Comfortable and Clean vehicles
  • App UI is easy to navigate and easy to add any credit/debt cards.
  • Lower rates

A few cons

  • Location & route tracking in app (android) is not accurate. Recommend using Google Maps in addition to PickMe App for better results.

Have a safe trip fellow travelers.!

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