Oneplus the king of smartphones

Oneplus the company behind Oneplus smartphones may very well be the king of smartphones. The company has launched its “t” series for its latest “flagship killer” Oneplus 6 which was released in May 2018 and the world is impressed.

The global attention grabbed by Oneplus 6t is not necessarily for the breakthrough under display fingerprint scanner featured on the device but the jaw-dropping prices for the models. Jaw-droppingly (NOT) high prices that put other manufacturers to shame. Oneplus phones always feature the latest top-notch hardware available at the time and manage to sell their devices at a great variance in price compared to other manufacturers rocking the same, if not worst hardware.

Oneplus phones consistently take the lead when it comes to speed, this may come as a surprise to some forks. But, its the reality and it may be harsh or it may be salty especially if you have paid $1000 or more to that Note or to that Plus. When compared, oneplus 6 is the fasted phone released this year so far.

& it’s secretly water-resistant. (shh!!)

So here it is;
Oneplus 6t is fast, durable, beautiful, secure, water-resistant, and affordable. What more could you ask in a smartphone?

Grab yourself the fastest phone on the planet here and unlock the speed.

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