The important question is, do I really matter?.

Share a cup of coffee or share a meal with a friend. Talk about something that interests you and the party you are with. Get back home or to work and continue your day going more or less the same things you did yesterday so as the day before. You go to bed, you sleep and you repeat your day again the next morning.

This isn’t entirely true, there are of course differences and developments in everything you do everyday. Suppose you learn something new everyday when you’re studying or a acquire a new skill by working on assignments. You might end up building something or might stumble upon a fortunate opportunity once in a while. Wouldn’t that be going something different? Wouldn’t it matter? Wouldn’t it make yourself matter?

Well, the answer to whether or not you matter lies beyond the this world and within ourselves. The answer lies as far as the edge our imagination and as close as within ourselfs. What is intriguing is, the answer to one of the oldest questions ever asked lied so close and so far away that we don’t perceive it.

When you think about life you realise there are only few things that are consistent.

Life, death & time. The cycle of life and death never breaks and will continue to end of time. Nothing that you do in life matters, the fortune that you’ve build, the memories that you’ve made, the experiences that yoyu felt, everything fades away along with yourself. Anything material that you left being will be possessed by someone else, things that you built so proudly will be torn down.

One might ask why the fish on Earth are we on Earth doing what we do if this is all true?.

Well, the answer to that and the answer to the question, do I really matter?. You are part of a grand scheme far more grater than your life, millions of life, or this planet or this solar system or this Galaxy. You are part of a plan, where everything has a pre defined expiry date down to the very building blocks of every matter that makes yourself. You are part of a grand scheme that we’re all but too weak, too incapable of understanding.

What wen understand is time, and there is an expiration date to everything that is perceived.

Humans have inhabited the Earth for thousao of years and so far we haven’t fully understood anything about this planet. We have observed billions of light years into the cosmos and we haven’t explored almost anything. One thing we’ve learned from this observations is that, we are again nothing and our very existence or extinction may very well never make a difference in the cosmos and the universe will continue doing what it does.

So in simple words; you don’t matter at all, in a material perspective.

The greatest question in the world rises more questions. The more you think about it, the more you will understand YOU DON’T NEED TO MATTER. Yes. You don’t.

We humans are created in a way that we desire others approval of our own judgments. Hence, leading to the question that you matter or not. It’s quite simple to understand that weather or not we matter in the scale of the universe, weather or not you will die eventually, what really matters is what is important to us, which is what makes us happy. Which is what drives humanity along, which is what drives us humans to do better and do right by others to ultimately please ourselves with happiness.

Whether or not you die, whether or not you fail push yourself to being the happiest life ever walked on this planet by what ever means that avail true happiness is what matters.

Thank you for reading.

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