When the State provides, equality must be maintained. Especially when it comes to children.

There is an interesting debate ignited following recent change in the one of the president’s first 100 day goals, providing breakfast for all school children. Surfaced news reports states that aforementioned breakfast will only be provided to students who cannot afford it.

I strongly disagree with the recent change (if it’s made, I don’t find any info from any official source).

Part of the reason many people praised the goal is because of the standardisation, as it would ensure at least 1 nutritious meal is consumed by all children. With this change, there is no chance to standardize it.

Here is why we should not go ahead with the change. Here is why the state should make sure the standard meal is provided to all children.

1. Equality

When the State provides, whatever it is, equality must be maintained. Especially when children are in the equation.

Not all parents are able to buy thier children the best breakfast meal, but when the State comes in and start segmenting less fortunate and fortunate children right from thier early childhood that is a problem. That is a problem that is going to last for generations.

Children must be taught equality, the best way to do that is by practising it for them.

Schools around the world are trying to level the playing field for all students by banning expensive wear and accessories from keeping the disadvantaged students from feeling bullied. We should be embracing such actions, not promoting it.

2. Nutrients

Parents who can afford daily breakfast for thier children doesn’t necessarily provide the most nutritional meal. We’ll also have to consider the variable where the parent is ignorant throwing not very healthy meals in to breakfast.

Providing the same meal for all children will ensure every child is receiving the standard nutrients, and not ruin thier diet by consuming unhealthy breakfast.

For these reasons and others, I call on the Administration and responsible Ministry to change the decision to provide breakfast only to the needy. Standardize it for all students.

We don’t want our kids to grow up with the mindset they’re the group who the state provides and there’s a superior group over them. We don’t have to segment our children from childhood.

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