Too many ideas bother you?

There was a time, these modern digital calenders, reminder apps, management apps didn’t make sense to me.

Why would you need to be remembered to take lunch? These things then did not make any sense but now, life’s gonna be hard without it. What changed?

Well, the simple answer is im getting old. I’m in my mid 20s, that can’t be the reason. What else would that be? Before we get in to this enigma, let’s talk about the headline, “too many ideas bother you?”.

People say you can never have too many ideas. Let me tell you that you can actually hurt from too many ideas. Your brain literally hurts when you try to focus on doing too many things than humanly possible.

In my case I find it difficult to focus only on a single project. I don’t find the appetite to work on a single task or a project for much longer and I quickly turn to doing something else of equal or more importance. But the problem is, it doesn’t resolve the problem at all.

Focusing on too many things at once reduces the productivity and quality work often dragging the most important task.

This is where calenders, task management tools & other stuff come in. They help organize my mind. Prioritize tasks and mixup flavours to ensure all projects are running at tan adequate phase.

The morale is, don’t be afraid to accept that you’re mind is getting old faster than you. Get assistance and get back up.

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