Self doubt is the greatest hurdle to success.

“I was stranded on the streets of capital with nothing, and a wife on labour, no family nor friends to get help from. A stranger helped me that day in a way most friends or family would have not, he gave me hope and made me believe in myself in the darkest hour of my life.”

Words from a former addict turned business-man who I met a few days back for a meeting which quickly turned into a very important life lesson that I will hopefully hold on to for the rest of my life. That is believing in myself, believing that I have a place in life even when everything is falling apart.

This meeting reminded me the countless times I’ve faced a task or started a venture only to give up shortly with the thinking there are much better individuals in the industry doing what I do. I didn’t feel the need for me to do what I do.

Little did I know then, the only person in the world who can do what I do the best is me.

I’m not a super successful multimillionaire, but, I am thankful that I have figured out the essence of reaching my goal thanks to this one meeting.

So my friends, take up every chance you get. Make the most of every second you have in this life because this is the only one you’ve got. If you think it is too late or you’re in too deep doing what ever you do YOU ARE WRONG. The opportunity to change your life for the better is ALWAYS wide open. The only thing you have to do is to convince your heart that you’re good enough. The rest will then follow.

What you believe is what you are. If you believe you are good enough, you are good enough. If you believe people will never accept you or your work, people won’t. If you believe otherwise people will have to accept you one way or another.

We have seen tyrants rise and fall. We have seen civilizations rise to the top and collapse. All of history is just for you to understand the most important lesson in life, belief. Self belief.


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