Be humble. Be kind. Two things Covid-19 pandemic sure taught us.

For a great deal of time, we have been living in harmony with no real danger other than that we have caused ourselves (war). Pandemics and disasters at a global scale seem too far off that many of us forget the fact that we are living on borrowed time and we have no control whatsoever on the planet we call home.

Advancements in medicine, science, and technology have given us the false sense of assurance that we can fend off or take on whatever nature could throw at us. To some extent, we have avoided mass human casualties using modern technology and advancements that for example predict a path of a hurricane or alerts before tsunamis and effects of seismic activities which ultimately help save a countless number of lives.

This superiority has had many of us under the impression of overpowering or escaping nature forever. We are even building ships to get off this planet if the need for which arises.

All of these preventive, defensive, and recovery measures are much needed and must be available when the need arises.

However, it is just as important to understand that during our (relatively) short lifespan we have to be humble, kind, and supportive to our fellow humans especially during a crisis such as during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you look at local and world media you will understand the important part these three principles play in fighting Covid-19 Corona Virus.

Be humble

To accept that there are greater powers at play no matter how powerful you may be, and thankful for what you have for there are others without nearly enough.

The reason how this trait relates to this ongoing pandemic is from how different countries reacted to it. For example, countries such as New Zealand and South Korea that accepted the nature of this virus and took early actions to prevent, contain and eliminate the virus excelled in the race while countries such as USA and Italy that downplayed the strength of the virus either continue to burn or have burned a great proportion of wealth and human casualties to this virus. People in power such as British PM and others who publicly downplayed the virus, unfortunately, had to experience it firsthand.

The first thing in beating Covid-19, therefore, is to be humble and accept the true nature of the virus no matter who you are and take appropriate measures swiftly.

Be kind

The most important part of our global effort in fighting Covid-19 is being kind to one another. Displaying kindness by sharing resources, helping one another in several ways has helped us slow the spread of the virus compared to when it started.

The kindness of medical workers who fight the virus firsthand directly affects the spread. Their kindness, careful care extended to parents, and potential contacts make a difference. Without their care, it would be almost impossible to control the spread of the virus.

The same goes for other essential workers, delivery personals, security agencies, and other field and stationed workers who chose to care and be kind is the very reason why we make progress against the virus today.

Private donors and private and public organizations funding the cause and supporting the economy while experts take care of the virus is one of the greatest kindness that we have seen in a while. Although, if many not be perfect we have to be thankful for every little bit of kindness displayed during these difficult times.

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