Requiring Majlis approval for declaring & extending public health emergency

Administrative (executive), legislative and judicial function of the Government. They’re different for a reason.
My opinion on requiring Majlis approval for declaring & extending public health emergency:

  • Director of public health, or who over appointed by the Executive (Presidents Office) should be able to call a public health emergency whenever required without any involvement of the legislative function (Majlis) up to a certain period of days.
  • Majlis approval should be taken to extend the public health emergency beyond the initially declared days through a committee organized by the Majlis involving (related) medical experts.
  • This committee will oversee every aspect of the designated committee by the Executive function to handle the public health emergency situation on a legislative viewpoint and facilitate budgets, regulate spending and provide additional legislative support if required.
  • Personal of the Legislative function as a whole cannot be treated the same as regular citizens during the emergency and special SOPs must be made to facilitate the proper function of the Legislative function at all times and should not require any approvals from any Executive function other than for unofficial purposes.
  • The same applies to the Judicial function. Special SOPS must be made by the Executive function to enable both Legislative and Judicial functions are running at all times.

Covid-19 was sure a surprise to us all, including to our decision makers. But, this should be a learning & changes are necessary on how we handle pandemic situations as a whole.

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