A request to lawmakers. Give Maldivians a fair chance.

It’s about time we monetize our people. Technology is the next best industry we can develop and it could over take our tourism industry in terms of revenue while complementing evey industry in the country.
The fact that our law makers doesn’t see a future where our individual population is empowered DOESN’T SURPRISE ME.
It is simply because of the fact that an empowered powerful population is extremely difficult to control unless you are on top of the particular niche the majority of the population is empowered in, and the fact that majority of politicians cannot be relevant in such a scenario is precisely why they are afraid of development.
If our MPs truly care about citizens of their representative constitutes these laws and others facilitating introduction new technologies will be on top of their daily tasks rather than running back and forth with politically motivated activities.
PayPal to Maldives represents a trillion $ industry, A way for SMEs to grow in unexpected ways, a pathway to build strong USD in-streams and a chance for every Maldivian to have limitless opportunities.
Take for example Africa, Pakistan and India, they invested in youth by facilitating the use and access to technology and see the large sum of foreign currency that comes in just from this sector alone?
3.5 Billion USD of Pakistan’s GDP comes from this industry, India 181 Billion USD,
13.9% Nigerian GDP comes from IT industry, like many other African countries.
Maldives should be a leading technology hub, why can’t we? Our people are smart. We just a need the right encouragement. This industry is much stable than Tourism, let’s do this.

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