Trip to Colombo

For those of you who are following me on Social Media must know about my recent trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka or as we Maldivians call “Kolhunbu”.

Sri Lanka has long been a common destination for Maldivian travelers for the better part of our history. My grandfather used to tell tales of them travelling to Kolhunbu with sailboats for business and medical purposes. Almost a century later, today still the place is an absolute favourite for all types of local travellers.

Here are some of the photos from the trip;

All of these are taken and edited using Snapseed (app) on my Oneplus 5 phone, which unsurprisingly delivered astonishing photos even in challenging situations.

The trip was filled with exciting adventures, mostly because it is my first time visiting Colombo or Sri-Lanka even though the distance is about an hour and 20 minutes on board a plan.

I did write a travel (kinda diary) for this trip, but not decided to upload yet.